Other Services

Head Light Restoration Starting $80 & up

Multi step sanding & polishing to make the car lens look like new. Then we apply the clear coat to protect it from fading.

Head Light Restoration Buff Out Starting $40

Machine Polish to clean up hazing of
headlight lens
* Some headlights may not qualifier or Buff out may not
be effective and Complete Restoration maybe needed

Basic Engine Cleaning* Starting $50

Simple Dust off and gentle wipe down. This service is good for new or well maintained engines.

(We do our best to be careful with your engine & parts. We do not accept any responsibility if there is an issues with your motor not running, starting or being repaired)

Pet Hair Removal Starting $30

Pet hair gets all over & is very messy. We used special tools to help pick up and vacuum the hair which often gets stuck into the carpet fabric. This is priced for up to 30 minutes of vacuum and remove time. If there is a lot of hair or not maintained well there can be a higher charge for more time need to clean the pet hair.

Stage 2 Engine Cleaning* Starting $125

For Engines that require more time and attention. Deeper Cleaning with degreaser, different brushes to get into the harder to reach areas, compressed air, towel wipe down with basic dressing.