Leather Treatment &



Leather treatments come in different varieties and are basically categorized as either basic surface-level cleaning (maintenance leather treatment), or deep cleaning and conditioning. For this level of service, we use the Leatherique system of Rejuvenator and Prestine Clean.(Note: This is a more advanced service from our normal interior detailing service which does clean and condition but at a different level)

Leatherique is widely accepted as some of the absolute finest leather care and restoration/preservation products on the market. The proteins, cleaners, and conditioners find their way deep into the natural pores of the leather and force out the dirt, perspiration, air pollution, and other toxins that dry out and destroy the fibers of the leather, depleting the strength and flexibility of the fiber, and causing them to deteriorate. Perspiration and the salts left after its evaporation, easily find their way into the leather fibers.

For proper application and best results, this product requires time and gentle heat to get your leather looking its best. Once applied, the product should remain on the leather surfaces with the windows up (to create a steam room effect) for most of the day before being removed. In some cases, it is advised to allow the product to work overnight before finalizing the cleaning and restoration process. Once completed, your leather will be much cleaner and sanitary, it will have a softer and supple feel to it, and it will restore that leather scent.


Most 2-seat vehicles: $250. Most 4-seat vehicles: $350.

Stand-alone service that is not offered with any other package set.

  • Pre-cleaning of surfaces
  • Rejuvinator Oil application
  • Curing and removal
  • Prestine Clean application

Typically 2 days to complete.