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About us:

Englewood Car Wash is Englewoods Exclusive Car Wash & Detailing Center.

Our Goal

Englewood Car Wash is Englewood's Exclusive Car Wash & Detailing Center. Voted in 201 Magazines Best of Bergen 2019. We utilize State of the Art equipment & proper chemistry to wash your vehicle safely. We will have your car looking amazing in just a short period of time.

We also offer a wide range of Detailing Services. Interior, Exterior Paint Corrections, Windshield Treatments, Carpet Color Touch up & much more. Our detailing can get your vehicle looking new & fresh again.

We look forward to seeing you again soon.


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Maurice LGoogle Reviews September 2018

Nice car wash little expensive and they do a h*** of a lot better job then other car wash places. Now they have a monthly plan that I think is a great deal for $28.00 a month I can have my car washed as Many times as I want to. They do have different plan for less but when I go to the car wash I get the gold plan. I take my car at least 3times a week.i think it a good deal, check it out.

Bo KYelp Reviews September 2018

Car wash was great! Was quick and easy with friendly service from start to finish; inside and out. The only minor thing was the mirrors were not 100% sparkling clean but not bad. Will definitely go back.

Daiellle KGoogle Reviews July 2018

My favorite place to get all my car needs taken care of. Absolutely love the staff and how amazing my car looks. Also just did a headlight restoration I could barely see out of my headlights and now they’re brighter and look brand new!

Siju MYelp Review April 2018

Jason and the staff did a great job on our suv. We got the interior detailed and car came back like brand new. They did an excellent job. I went back again to the shop because we spilled milk on the back seat. Jason got rid of smell and suv is like new again. Customer service was excellent and
attention to detail was also excellent. I would definitely go back. Keep up the great work.

Jay IYelp Review April 2018

Great service for the value. Staffs are friendly. Jason, the business owner, is always there to assist with any concern you have with your vehicle cleaning matter. The equipments are brand new, flexible business hours, and excellent customer service.

Andrew PGoogle Review May 2018

Great place with great pride and detail, the car actually comes out clean like it should. Not a rush job. They do miss the door jams and trunk but simply ask and they do it. Jason the owner is hands on, talks to the customers, works like the others and is very friendly. Great customer service.

Dallas PGoogle Reviews September 2018

I've been coming here for a few months and prior to that I went to a car wash in Bergenfield
where they abruptly closed and another in Bergenfield where one of the staff took a razor blade
and attempted to remove my registration sticker, for space for my monthly car wash sticker from
them. I bought a gallon of wiper fluid at Englewood Car Wash, the owner took it and filled up the
wiper storage without me asking and put in the trunk of my car. The attendant Carlos is always
joking and laughing and keeps things running smoothly. I've read some of the negative reviews.
One states the staff was arguing over tips. I dont tip staff individually; there is a clearly marked
box for tips. They simply are efficient and have good customer service. Oh and I dont work at
Englewood nor am I paid to do reviews.

Rick CGoogle Review March 2018

This Car wash is a Great Place! Your car comes out very clean, And inside as well. But they need help with there Crew. My problem is the wheel Dressing Guys. 1 he don’t know how to wipe down and DRY YOUR RIMS AND TIRES FIRST BEFORE YOU ADD WHEEL DRESSING! this guy has a paint brush and a bucket painting your rims and tires UNBELIEVABLE! That’s why they get 4
stars only.!

Moshe L!Google Review March 2018!

Great carwash. They did a terrific job vacuuming all the mess the kids made! Very friendly owner.!


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